“Abs of Steel” – Do you need them?

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“Abs of Steel” – Do you need them?

By: Jennifer Watson, MPT

Have you ever watched some of the best athletes in their sport and been amazed at how they move with extraordinary skill, strength and speed? How do they train? What makes them rise above the rest? Many factors are involved in making a good athlete great but a comprehensive abdominal strengthening program can be vital in contributing to peak performance. Often overlooked in general conditioning of an athlete, the abdominal musculature provides stability and protection for the low back, contributes to quality of movement, and aids in prevention of sport injuries.

By increasing strength of the abdominals, you provide a support system to the back. This strength unloads the spine and disperses pressure during daily activities. Because many sports put additional stress on the back it becomes even more important to strengthen these muscles. The wear and tear of sports can be less invasive on the body with strong abdominals.

Strong abdominals also aids in power, strength, and coordination of movement during sports. Watch a pitcher or gymnast to see where they move from. They tighten their abdominals to gain stability for a movement they are about to perform. Think of an anchor that holds a boat in place, if the anchor wasn’t strong enough the boat would move sporadically in all directions.Our body’s anchor is our abdominals. Strong abdominals allow the rest of our body to move with optimal skill during sports. The ability of the abdominal musculature to provide back support and enhance sport performance aids in prevention of sport related injuries. To improve your game, contact any Southeastern Physical Therapy office to inquire about your own “Abs of Steel.”

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