Direct Access

Now you can begin treatment right away!


shutterstock_272960615Do I need a referral from a physician or other health care provider to be seen by a physical therapist?

No.  In the state of Virginia patients have the right to Direct Access to be evaluated and treated by a licensed physical therapist.


What is Direct Access?

Direct Access means that you can refer yourself to a Physical Therapist, without a physician referral, to have a physical therapist treat your muscular, joint, movement and/or pain issue(s).  If you have any questions, please call one of our clinics to talk with a physical therapist.


How long can I be treated through Direct Access?

In the state of Virginia you can receive physical therapy services for up to 30 consecutive days without obtaining a referral/prescription from a physician or other healthcare provider.   If treatment is necessary beyond the initial 30 day period, the physical therapist will communicate with your physician to obtain authorization to continue treatment as needed.


Do insurance carriers reimburse for physical therapy care provided under Direct Access? 

Most insurance carriers will reimburse for physical therapy treatment provided through Direct Access.  Please call the location most convenient to you and our Office Coordinator will call your insurance carrier to verify.


What if I don’t have insurance?

Self pay is always an option for physical therapy services.  Please call the location most convenient to you for additional information on self-pay options.


How do I know that a physical therapist is qualified to diagnose and treat my condition?

Physical Therapists are licensed health professionals who are specialists in evaluating and treating patients to improve movement and function related to muscular, joint and neurologic issues.   Physical Therapists are educated at accredited physical therapy programs, and are licensed to examine, evaluate, diagnose, treat  and rehabilitate patients  to treat functional limitations, impairments and disabilities.  Physical therapists receive extensive education and clinical training, along with ongoing continuing education.


Will my physical therapist communicate with my physician or specialist?

Physical Therapists at Southeastern Physical Therapy and SPECTRUM Physical Therapy have excellent relationships with physicians and specialists in our medical community.  As a courtesy, we will provide your physician or specialist a copy of our physical therapy evaluation and plan of care.  Additionally, if it is determined that your condition is best treated outside of the scope of Physical Therapy, your Physical Therapist will refer you to your primary care or specialist physician for further evaluation and medical care.